Tuesday, October 11, 2005


There are a huge stream of signals coming over and beyond the horizon of the universe. We are still in the first stages of understanding this kind of knowledge and figure out its implication as a whole. Only with the advenament of radioastronomy (in the last fifty or sixty years) we were able to recieve them and codefing in a big network of computers. With the development of radioastronomy, scientists all over the world created a computer web as instrument of survilliance. But the horizon is plug with millions over millions of signals from all the spectrum of the radio frequencies. Henceforth, we need mathematics and technology in order to analize and sort out the signals. Anyone who wants to decode the numbers that hide inside of the signals without being decieve by them needs critical thinking as a powerful tool as well. It is easly to get confuse, though. Thus, we had to use another important instrument which is require to be employ in this process of survillience. That special tool is skepticism. The power to doubt about our first impressions. An enourmus task is infront of us if we want to build this very skill. Thinking about it, I got the idea that the only real way to do this is through honesty and hard work. Hablilities we learned in our primary years of our lives.


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